My work in the field of education within times of digital transformation

Encouraging children and adults in their learning process

Successful educational support begins in early childhood, but it must not end there. Also at school and university, and especially at the transitions, far too many young talents get lost, fall out of the system and are thus deprived of the chance to contribute to society according to their abilities and to participate in it. This also applies explicitly to the professional sector, in which lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important and in which the combination of learning and working, of theory and practice, will increasingly also determine the future viability and competitiveness of all. To achieve these goals, we support national and international educational projects.

Kinder stark machen

What does that mean in practice?

Individuelle Betreuung

Together with several partners I am developing and supporting future development programs for:

  • Employees undergoing change
  • Job-Applicants
  • Kindergarten Kids
  • Refugees
  • Students and Teachers