Bild Sabine Gessenich

Sabine is a very patient and highly responsible learning coach professional with more than 30 years experience in project management, research and supervision.
She is certified as “NLP Master Practitioner DVNLP for NLP-Psychotherapy and Psychosocial NLP-counseling ” , Memory Trainer and Practitioner of Reiki 2nd degree. She worked many years as Industrial Clerk in an International Pharmaceutical Company.

Sabine’s driving force in life is to make things easy for people, which helps them to create opportunities and brings them forward in their personal development. Her education, as well as her working- and life experience provide her with a variety of intervention options.

Her biggest wish is that people are more and more able to find out how they are and what they feel - which hopefully helps to increase humanity in our world and is a basis for prosperity and peace.
She is dedicated to children and therefore works on programs which help them developing essential skills to become an individual with self-confidence and self-esteem.

With her program POTENTIALO® - New Thinking for People in Growth, she promotes the development of social-emotional skills in children and young people.

Due to her many years of experience as an employee, she has also a great deal of understanding for the impact of transformation processes on the well-being of individual employees as well as on the interactions of employees amongst each other and for all social and human issues that digitization entails.